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Carpano and Soda
© Fredrika Stjärne

Carpano and Soda


Carpano Antica is a spicy, nutty, sweet vermouth with a slightly bitter edge. Like other vermouths, it only lasts a few weeks after the bottle is opened. Mixed with club soda and a dash of bitters, this drink is the perfect aperitif.

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  1. Ice
  2. 1 1/2 ounces Carpano Antica or other sweet vermouth
  3. 3 ounces chilled club soda or seltzer
  4. 2 dashes Angostura bitters
  5. 1 mint sprig, for garnish
  1. Fill a rocks glass with ice. Pour the Carpano Antica over the ice and top with the club soda or seltzer. Stir, then garnish with the bitters and mint sprig.
Notes Variation: For a more bitter, boozier drink, make this recipe with amaro instead of Carpano Antica, using the same proportions. For an intensely bitter amaro, try Luxardo Fernet. For something sweeter, try the earthy Amaro CioCiaro or the minty S. Maria al Monte.