Carina's Experience

  • SERVINGS: Makes 1 drink

Mixologist Romée de Goriainoff makes this drink with Hendrick's gin, which has the distinction of being produced in Scotland (most gin is English) with cucumbers and rose petals as well as the usual juniper. Lavender bitters (available from and add yet another floral note to the drink; the tincture is also excellent in gin-and-tonics.

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  1. Ice
  2. 1/3 ounce gin, preferably Hendrick's
  3. Dash of lavender bitters, or pinch of fresh or dried lavender
  4. 1 2/3 ounces Cognac
  5. 1/3 ounce Carpano Antica Formula (sweet Italian vermouth)
  6. Dash of Angostura bitters
  1. Fill a pint glass with ice. Add the gin and lavender bitters and stir until slightly diluted. Strain, discarding the liquid and keeping the ice in the pint glass. Add the Cognac, Carpano Antica Formula and Angostura bitters and stir well. Strain the drink into a chilled martini glass.