Bella Rosa

  • SERVINGS: makes 1 drink

Devito South Beach • Miami Beach

Mixologist Elad Zvi likes working with such Middle Eastern ingredients such as almonds, rose petals and fresh pomegranate juice because they remind him of his childhood in Israel.

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  1. 1/2 ounce fresh lime juice
  2. 1/2 ounce pomegranate juice
  3. 1 ounce blanco tequila
  4. 1/2 ounce elderflower liqueur
  5. 1 large egg white
  6. Ice
  7. 1/2 ounce Lillet blanc
  1. In a cocktail shaker, combine all of the ingredients except the ice and shake well for 10 seconds. Add ice and shake again. Strain into an ice-filled rocks glass.