Beef and Radish Rolls with Buttermilk Dunk

  • TOTAL TIME: 30 MIN plus chilling

These light and tasty lettuce wraps are terrific with the ranch- dressing-like buttermilk “dunk.”


  1. 8 ounces radishes, thinly sliced
  2. 1/4 cup white wine vinegar
  3. 2 tablespoons sugar
  4. 1 tablespoon kosher salt
  5. 2 tablespoons light mayonnaise
  6. 1 cup buttermilk
  7. 1/2 teaspoon freshly ground pepper
  8. 1/4 teaspoon celery salt
  9. 1 1/2 pounds sliced roast beef
  10. 1/2 cup cilantro sprigs
  11. 1 head green leaf lettuce, leaves separated
  1. Put the radishes in a heatproof bowl. In a small saucepan, combine the vinegar, sugar, salt and 1/4 cup of water and simmer until the sugar and salt are dissolved. Pour the warm brine over the radishes, weight them down with a plate and let stand for 10 minutes. Drain the radishes, reserving 2 tablespoons of the brine. Refrigerate the radishes until chilled.
  2. In a small bowl, whisk the reserved radish brine with the mayonnaise, buttermilk, pepper and celery salt.
  3. Roll the beef, cilantro and radishes in the lettuce leaves and transfer to a platter. Divide the buttermilk dunk between 6 small bowls and let guests dip the rolls into the mixture.

Suggested Pairing

Vibrant, blueberry-inflected Dolcetto.