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Watermelon Granita with Yogurt and Fruits (Granizado de Sandia con Yogur y Fruta)

  1. 2 cups watermelon juice
  2. 16 watermelon cubes
  3. 1 lemon
  4. 1 orange
  5. Mint Leaves
  6. Pop Rocks
  7. Edible flowers (orange, lemon, pansy)
  8. Maldon salt
  9. Freshly ground pepper
  1. Place the watermelon juice in an 8-by-8-inch glass baking dish and freeze. After 40 minutes, using a fork, scrape the watermelon ice to create a granita. Place some of the granita in each of 4 chilled soup plates. Place 4 watermelon cubes in each plate. Add the lemon, orange, mint, edible flowers and season with salt and pepper. Just before serving, dust each plate with pop rocks.