5 Brilliant Ways to Use Feta for Summer

© Christina Holmes
It's the ultimate summer cheese.

From beautiful toast to delicious dips, here are five excellent ways to cook with feta this summer.


Tangy feta is incredible paired with juicy summer tomatoes.

© Nicole Franzen

Try it in this picnic-friendly pasta salad with grilled vegetables.

Or toss it into this super easy watermelon salad.

© Christina Holmes


Transport yourself to the Mediterranean with this airy whipped feta.

Or try this salty, creamy Greek-inspired dip, which is perfect with an ice-cold beer or glass of ouzo.


Chef Steven Satterfield's restaurant loves the combination of feta and radishes. He says you can use any assortment of radishes for these toasts, like watermelon, pink beauty, cherry belle or d'Avignon. If you slice the radishes ahead of time, keep them in a bowl of ice water, which makes them extra cold and crispy.

Corn Bread

How do you upgrade corn bread? With sweet, chewy figs and briny feta.


These terrific shrimp and lemon skewers feature a savory feta-dill sauce.

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