You Can Now Order a Cake Online from America's Favorite Grocery Store

The Washington Post / Contributor / Getty Images
Perfect for your next party. 

Wegmans, which regularly tops lists of America's favorite grocery stores is now giving customers even more reasons to love the chain: They’re offering easy online cake orders. 

At their Create Your Cake website there’s still a limited selection: You can choose between either a celebration cake – in chocolate or vanilla, with either whipped cream or buttercreme frosting and a choice of fillings including raspberry, cherry, and chocolate ganache – or a cookie sheet cake. You can customize your cake with rose or balloon decorations, a picture (which you upload on the website), or a message. 

Based in the mid-Atlantic and New England regions, you can choose any grocery store to pick up your cake – sadly they don’t deliver yet. All they require is 24 hours notice, so the service is perfect for anyone throwing a last minute party or in need of a simple dessert for any kind of celebration. And they won’t cost you much either: A full sheet cake starts at $59, while the smallest round cake comes in at just $12. 

For all you city dwellers out there, you may soon be able to take advantage of the super convenient service: Wegmans plans to open a giant location in Brooklyn this year.

If you want to order any of their other treats – like cupcakes or one of their special “ultimate” cakes – you’ll still have to stop by the store in person. But given the enduring popularity of the upscale supermarket, it seems like most people wouldn’t have a problem with that at all. 

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