WikiLeaks Hack Reveals John Podesta's Secret to Creamy Risotto

© Tara Fisher; © David Becker/Getty Images
The Clinton campaign chair is a traditionalist.

This morning, WikiLeaks released a third batch of hacked emails from Hillary Clinton campaign chair John Podesta. Reporters began sifting through the dump, and it wasn't long until Business Insider's Allan Smith came across this revelation:

Yes, that's Podesta explaining to an associate that to make proper risotto, you must add the liquid in small doses, stirring in between, until the rice becomes hydrated and some of its starch transforms into a creamy sauce. This is the canonical technique, the one you'll find in most recipes, and we can assure you that it delivers agreeable results.

Of course, not everyone thinks it's necessary.

You can search for more of Podesta's cooking tips on WikiLeaks, and you can find some very good risotto recipes here.

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