3 Unconventional Vending Machines

© Ben Wiseman
From New York to San Francisco, the humble vending machine now delivers unlikely treats at the push of a button. 


Get a loaf of warm, crusty bread in San Francisco 24/7 thanks to Le Bread Xpress. Baguettes are par-baked, then finished in the vending machine to order. lebreadxpress.com


The couple behind Beverly Hills Caviar are bringing even more opulence to L.A.'s Century City mall with a machine stocked with everything from Ostera caviar ($200 for 4 oz.) to pearled spoons ($15 each). beverlyhillscaviar.com

Local Meats

In the upstate New York town of Accord, Applestone Meat sells fresh cuts and cured sausages made with humanely raised animals; just slide a credit card into the slot. applestonemeat.com

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