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But will Mr. Belding be there?

June 01, 2017

When a Saved by the Bell-themed pop-up restaurant launched in Chicago last year, the concept felt like an obvious choice seeing as “The Max” diner was a regular hangout on the show, but the location seemed a bit random. Surely Chicago has plenty of fans of Zach and the gang, but the “bay” in Bayside High School definitely wasn’t referring to anywhere along the Great Lakes. However, for its second iteration, Saved by the Max, as the pop-up is called, is heading a bit closer to its spiritual home: Los Angeles.

As has been the case in the past, Saved by the Max announced its move to Southern California in a video featuring none other than Ed Alonzo, the actor who portrayed Max, owner of The Max on the show. An exact location and launch date is still up in the air, but the team behind the pop-up promises that this will be a “homecoming celebration.” The concept certainly proved popular in Chicago, featuring a year of sell out events and guest appearances from Alonzo, Principal Belding actor Dennis Haskins, and even A.C. Slater actor Mario Lopez. This time around, the TV-inspired hangout says, “More surprises and guest announcements to come, you just never know who you might end up in detention with!” Though in other areas, that statement might feel like a bit of a bluff, with the new location arriving somewhere near Hollywood, plenty of former cast members will at least be in the vicinity.

Meanwhile, for those living in big cities besides Chicago or Los Angeles, as the pop-up has mentioned in the past, Saved by the Max promises that the LA stop is only “the official first stop of its road trip across the country.” Though no other cities have yet to be announced, the traveling eatery continues to suggest that it could be willing to come to your town if the demand is there. “Still want The Max in your city?” a press release asked. “Get on social media and Tweet, Facebook, or Instagram @savedbythemax because it might be headed to a city near you next.”