Remember the Rick and Morty Butter Robot? Now It Can Kill People

Courtesy of Adult Swim
A bigger, badder version of the invention competed in the RoboGames.

In November, the internet brought the "Pass the Butter" robot from Rick and Morty to life via 3-D printing. Now that very same robot can not only bring you butter, but also bring about your demise. For this year's RoboGames, one team invented a 120-pound version of the "Pass the Butter" robot with a murderous twist: this robot wants to burn everything to the ground. The robot, which they named "Flame War," is basically just a taller version of the Rick and Morty robot with a flamethrower attached to its arm.

"Flame War" seems like the only logical conclusion of the "Pass the Butter" robot's story. After the hilariously tragic moment when the robot learns its only purpose in life is to pass the butter, it's not too much of a stretch to imagine that robot going on a hardcore arson streak. If we had any guess, we'd assume it probably started by burning Rick Sanchez alive, the guy responsible for its meaningless existence.

The RoboGames are an annual event that calls itself the Olympics of robotics. It includes competitions in combat, robot sports, making art, and simulating basic human tasks. There's even a bartending challenge, in case you ever wanted to see a robot make you a Tom Collins.

The "Flame War" robot was constructed by Micah "Chewy" Leibowitz of RoboGames' Team Tiki, to fight in the combat event.. and took 30 hours to construct. If you want to dedicate 30 hours of your own life to creating a murderous Rick and Morty robot, you can check out just how Team Tiki did it here.

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