Peek Inside Sketch London's Stunning Mayfair Flower Show Installation

Courtesy Sketch
The photogenic restaurant takes floral arrangements to the next level.

Ever since it opened in 2002, London hotspot Sketch has been one of the world's most photogenic restaurants. Fifteen years later, it's still going strong—and over the past few days, Sketch has upped its Instagram-worthiness a million-fold, with the launch of its Mayfair Flower Show installation. 

Running this week through May 29, "Sketch's second flower show for Mayfair is set to fragment its grounds into allotments," the restaurant's website explains. "Five canvases on which the exhibitors will install their gardens, exploring their personal relationship with 9 Conduit Street whilst showcasing their craft and passion for the British flora."


Take a look at these photos of Sketch, both with and without floral installations—pretty stellar both ways, we think.

The Facade:


The Gallery:



The Glade:



The Stairs that lead to the toilets:



Pod toilets:



@sketchlondon - even the bathrooms are OTT and amazing

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