Need More Whiskey In the Morning? Jim Beam Has the Perfect Coffee For You.

The world's most popular bourbon brand has just released five varieties of whiskey-infused coffee.

Whiskey and coffee are truly the oldest of friends. They understand each other’s eccentricities and often pair very well together. While adding a splash of whiskey to your morning coffee can help combat the effects of a long night out, how do you do so without drawing the attention of friends, family members or coworkers? Enter Jim Beam’s new line of bourbon-infused coffee.

Courtesy of White Coffee Corporation

The new collaboration between Jim Beam and White Coffee includes five different flavors: Original, Bourbon Vanilla, Signature Dark Roast, Cinnamon Stick and Spiced Honey. While each of these varieties of 100% Arabica coffee beans is booze-free, they each take on bourbon-esque flavor notes, including hints of caramel and vanilla.

Jim Beam, however, is not the first major distiller to release a line of whiskey-infused coffee. Jack Daniels’ partnership with World of Coffee was released just this past winter, but that was with sour mash rather than bourbon. Additionally, Starbucks released whiskey barrel-aged coffee in Seattle earlier this year. No word yet if Starbucks plans to roll this out nation-wide, but we can only hope that they will share the wealth sooner rather than later.

With Jim Beam’s five different flavor options, you can sample a range of different regional coffee styles, all while tasting your favorite whiskey flavors without the awkward effect of feeling intoxicated at work. Not that we’re judging, but your boss might. The best move though might just be to make sure you have enough for everyone as a tipsy office is usually a happy office.

If you want to stay old school and simply bring coffee and booze together as they’re meant to be, check out our recipes for the Mexican Café Martini, Coffee Milk Punch, Jerome Coffee, Coffee Brown, Long Island Iced Coffee and Huber’s Iced Spanish Coffee. Toast to a boozy and caffeinated long, holiday weekend.

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