How To Get Free Ben & Jerry’s Next Month

© Ben & Jerry's

Ice cream is good. Free stuff is good. Free ice cream is great. And the good people at Ben & Jerry’s announced this year’s Free Cone Day this morning, which means soon we’ll all be lining up for our gratis Chunky Monkey.

Free Cone Day has been a Ben & Jerry’s tradition for the last 28 years since, Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield celebrated their company’s first anniversary in 1979. The once-tiny Vermont company has now, of course, spread to dozens of countries around the world and brought their free ice cream with them as “a thank you to the many dedicated fans” and they are predicting that this year that thank you will once again be huge—the company said they will give out more than one million scoops of ice cream. All the free dessert action will take place on April 4 between 12 pm and 8 pm. And to find out where the closest ice cream handout to you will take place you can head over to the Ben & Jerry’s website where they have a handy map showing all the locations that participate in Free Cone Day.

Do show up early though. If you’ve ever attended one of these before you probably know that the lines people are willing to wait in to avoid paying for a single scoop of Cherry Garcia are one of the few manmade object visible from space.

So you better mark your calendars. This free ice cream isn’t going to collect itself you know. And in the meantime there is no shortage of new work from B&J’s that you can tide yourself over with.

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