Will These Caffeinated "Espresso Bagels" Replace Your Morning Coffee?

Courtesy of Einstein Bros. Bagels
Time will tell.

It's tough to reinvent something as simple and wonderful as a bagel, but Einstein Bros. Bagels is giving it a go. 

The brand's newest line of bagels, which include a Savory Parm Bagel, a Cherry Chia Bagel, and—drumroll, please—an Espresso Buzz Bagel. That last one is infused with espresso, making it a caffeinated bagel.

Yup, you can now chew your morning cup o' Joe. Whether you're dreaming of a spill-free commute, hoping to save some dough, or just plain-old curious, you've got to admit: This is a pretty worthwhile innovation. And it could have a lasting impact on all of our lives. 

The new Espresso Buzz Bagel boasts 32mg of caffeine; it also offers a whopping 13g of protein. That's about a third as much caffeine as you can find in an 8-ounce cup of coffee, and it comes from a combination of espresso and coffee-cherry flour. The protein is derived from cocoa. 

The brand is offering a new sandwich featuring ingredients that they believe complement the espresso. Their Espresso Buzz Bagel & Bacon Sandwich features thick-cut bacon, eggs, cheddar cheese, and a schmear of butter all served on an Espresso Buzz Bagel. It's like a to-go coffee paired with a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich...without any of the spillage potential. I mean, unless you really try.


The only thing better than a caffeinated bagel, of course, is a caffeinated bagel that gives back. Which is why, in honor of National Nurses Week, Einstein Bros. is giving away one free Espresso Buzz bagel to any nurse who stops by a participating location on Thursday, May 11 wearing his or her scrubs (or simply sporting a relevant ID or badge). 

"When the launch of Boosted Bagels coincided with National Nurses Week, we knew it was a perfect opportunity to thank a group of people who give others a boost when they need it most," Kerry Coyne, Einstein Bros. Bagels SVP of Marketing, R&D, and Catering, said in a press release. "We hope the nation's nearly four million nurses take us up on our offer for a free Espresso Buzz Bagel and shmear [sic] to jumpstart their day or give them a boost after a long night on the job." 

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