Blue Bell Recalls Cookie Dough Ice Cream Due To Listeria Concern

© Jamie Squire / Getty Images
It’s always the good ones.

Listeria is in the headlines. First, 30,000 cases of vegetables were recalled, then Eggo waffles fell victim to listeria concerns and now Blue Bell is recalling its chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. While all these cases are troubling, ice cream hurts the most.

Blue Bell had a massive recall due to a listeria outbreak in 2015, so this is the last thing the company needed. This time, it seems that the potential listeria contamination came from a batch of edible cookie dough produced for Blue Bell by third-party supplier Aspen Hills.

Though no illnesses have been reported, Blue Bell is taking the “better safe than sorry” route. We totally respect that, but it doesn’t make it hurt any less.

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