Best Restaurant Customers Ever Offer to Pay Waitress's Student Loans

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They took tipping to a whole new level. 

A waitress in Hawaii ended her shift in spectacular fairy tale fashion.

Cayla Chandara had been working hard waiting tables and pulling double shifts at two different restaurants in Waikiki when she met a couple from Australia while serving them at Noi Thai Cuisine.

Chandara says she chatted the couple throughout their meal. She ended up confessing to them that she had come to Hawaii for school but ended up in debt and couldn’t afford to finish her courses.

When she came to collect their bill, she noticed that they had left her a $400 dollar tip. The shocked waitress rushed to the hotel where they were staying and brought them flowers and a card to thank them for their generosity.

The sweet story doesn’t end there though. The next day, the couple returned to the restaurant where Chandara worked, apparently moved by her story, and offered to pay off her student loan debt, which totals more than $10,000.

“I was like, ‘No way, you don’t have to do that for me. I just wanted to say thank you,'” Chandara told KHON2. “I still don’t feel like it’s real. I want to run around in the streets.”

Solidifying their status as truly altruistic people, the couple decided to remain anonymous.

Chandara says she wants to repay her benefactors by choosing to have a positive outlook on life.

“I want to make them proud. I will take this opportunity with an open heart and be a better person that I can be every day,” Chandara said.

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When she returns to school, Chandara hopes to study business.

As for her guardian angel customers, they’ve really raised the bar for the rest of us.

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