This Bar Serves a Makeup-Themed Cocktail With "Chambord Lipstick" and Champagne Perfume

Courtesy of Meagan Harding / Om Nom Kitchen
To enjoy, just spray the perfume, apply the lipstick, and finally, drink the cocktail.

If you happen to be in Melbourne, Australia anytime soon, you'll want to make a beeline for Om Nom Kitchen.

Why? Well, for starters, the name's pretty great. It's also inside the city's gorgeous and oh-so-swanky Adelphi Hotel, where prime people-watching opportunities likely abound. 

But we think the main reason to visit the restaurant, which is bartended by Chris McDonald and has a bar curated by award-winning mixologist Grant Collins, is its out-of-this-world cocktail menu.

There are dozens of drinks offered, and each looks more imaginative than the next. There's a "Secret Garden" drink that comes served in a spherical glass and sits on a bed of "soil" loaded with absinthe-infused gummy worms, and there's also a "Champagne Bubble Bath" presented in a toy bathtub with a rubber ducky. If you're in the mood for something minty, you can order a "Toothpaste Mojito" that comes with a wooden toothbrush. There's also something called "Netflix Movie Nights" that features "popcorn washed rum with house made cherry cola, fresh lavender, spices," all of which is "served with salted popcorn in a popcorn cup."

'Girls Night Out' Cocktail #omnom #cocktails #desserts #cocktailheaven🍹

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But we were most intrigued by "Girls Night Out"—and if you, like us, have a thing for both makeup and beautiful drinks, you'll probably be just as excited about it.

As described on the restaurant's menu, the drink is "vodka shaken with crème de fraise, fresh pressed raspberries, violet & rose syrup, [and] fresh pressed citrus. Served straight up on a mirror platter with raspberry & chambord lipstick, rose petals, [and] champagne perfume."

Yup, Girls Night Out—which, in its own right, is a magical-looking, foamy drink—quite literally comes with a small perfume bottle filled with champagne, and the "lipstick" is flavored with fresh raspberries and raspberry liqueur.

According to Instagram user @makingupvita, who posted a photo of the concoction, it's "very sweet" and "perfumed." There's a method to the madness: You're supposed to "spray the champagne atomizer into your mouth, apply the sorbet lipstick to your lips, then drink the raspberry cocktail."

In her words: "Crazy!" We'll have to make it to Melbourne one day to check this one out for ourselves. Until then, we'll attempt to recreate it at home.

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