God Save the Queen After an $18 million refurbishment the QE2 is ready for the new millennium. But thankfully, some aspects of shipboard life haven't changed.
Cooking Healthy: March 2001 Bold seasonings, layers of flavor and the judicious use of "good" fats are the secrets to delicious recipes that happen to be healthy too. The amazing Ann Chantal Altman shares her 15 favorites.
Roehm at Home Design expert Carolyne Roehm reveals her passion for plates and her penchant for flowers.
How To Throw An Easy Party When chef Jimmy Bradley has friends over for dinner, he wants to keep things hassle-free. That's why he relies on a menu of simple, delicious dishes, served family-style.
Portale's Complaint After enduring a '70s kitchen, chef Alfred Portale finally gets a modern design that matches his food.
A Bordeaux Whine What could go wrong with a riding tour of France's greatest vineyards? Not much—just endless rain, hot-sheet hotels and a horse with a death wish.
Elixirs: Caviar Roe reversal: As caviar becomes rarer, it seems, paradoxically, to be showing up in more places—at parties, restaurants and even spas.
Crispy Business

A writer realizes that her entire life has been a passionate search for foods that crunch. Plus, seven crispy recipes.

Pasta: a Weekly Planner Seven days of favorite recipes from a chef who loves pasta so much she even makes it on her night off.
Chef Inspirations A smashing New York pastry chef; salt that's sour; a dishwasher-turned-chef in Chicago; modern Athenians; Tetsuya's new Sydney digs.
The Paris A-List The city may be infatuated with Americana like chicken in Coca-Cola, but the author finds that its best new restaurants are still defiantly French.
California's Cult-Cabernet Visionary Part philosopher, part real estate man, California winery owner Bill Harlan produced one of the best reds of the twentieth century. And his ambitions for the twenty-first are even higher.
The Bounty Hunters Looking for a rare bottle of Pétrus? Some of California's cult Cabernets? A member of the elite group of wine brokers is ready to track them down for you.
Jean-Georges in Paradise Superstar chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten came to the Ocean Club in the Bahamas with a mandate: Create the finest restaurant in the Caribbean. With Dune, he may have done it.
Speedy Asian Menu At work, chef Alex Lee supervises a staff of 45; at home he does the chopping himself—and opts for simple, streamlined recipes.