Top Design Shops: European Furniture & More These European concept shops offer everything from avant-garde fashion and high-design furniture to chef-driven restaurants and barista-made lattes.
Jelly Art Geniuses History, food, art and kitsch wobble gently together as the British team of Bompas and Parr transform gelatin (jelly) and fruit purees into improbably beautiful sculptures and other art exhibitions.
Top Chef Top 10: Michael Voltaggio As Top Chef Season 6 winner Michael Voltaggio prepares to open Ink (he spells it "ink.") in Los Angeles and publish his first cookbook, he shares 10 obsessions with F&W's Kate Krader and tells her baking fish in a salt crust is sexy.
Goose Island Brewery: Hops-to-Table Beers Some dedicated DIY chefs have begun making beer at Goose Island Brewery: stirring mash, adding hops, tasting as they go and creating terrific recipes to match.
The Hungry Crowd: Josh Charles Some of the world's most fascinating people are also passionate eaters and chef groupies. One is Josh Charles, star of the television show The Good Wife: actor, Baltimore booster and lover of all things Italian.
Restaurant Empire Builders These past F&W Best New Chefs are branching out into imaginative new ventures, building restaurant empires which include food halls, seafood shacks and a pan-Asian restaurant where nothing is more than $10.
The Evolution of a Restaurant: Mission Chinese Food Here's how a San Francisco couple powered by imagination and naïveté reconceived the restaurant experience, with Mission Chinese Food, then chronicled their success in a new cookbook, Mission Street Food.
Quick Healthy Recipes: Speedy Strategies A cook and competitive cyclist explains the smart thinking behind his quick, healthy recipes.
What Chefs Know Best: Kitchen Tips & More For this annual poll, F&W quizzed top chefs and sous chefs on their top kitchen tips, from the best way to stay energized, season a dish, mop a kitchen floor and more.
Ethan Stowell's Fourth of July Party

"I want to be more Italian than anyone else in town," says Seattle chef Ethan Stowell—even at his Fourth of July party. He shows his ambition with a grilled feast on the beach.

Versatile Wines That Pair with (Almost) Anything F&W's Ray Isle canvasses restaurant wine pros to find the most versatile wines—bottles that also work with all kinds of meals at home.
Rick Bayless in Baja

Does Baja have Mexico’s most exciting food? PBS star Rick Bayless makes a case.

Bold Grilling Marinades A dip in chef Bill Kim's Asian or Latin grilling marinades add big flavor to everything from steak to squid.
Frank Bruni: The Power of Chef Cookbooks

When he was reviewing restaurants, writer Frank Bruni was in the power seat. But when he tests his skills with new chef cookbooks, he finds himself feeling surprisingly vulnerable.

Best New Chefs 2011: Their Simplest Recipes F&W is thrilled to introduce the Best New Chefs of 2011—incredibly talented people who are moving food forward in this country. Here, the winning chefs, plus easy, creative dishes from each.
Nantucket Restaurants The action on Nantucket, the New England island, includes a farm-to-table Italian restaurant by a former F&W Best New Chef and an osteria with a wood-smoke rotisserie.
David Myers: Japanese Recipes David Myers explores Asian ingredients at two new Tokyo restaurants. F&W streamlines his Japanese recipes.
Trendspotting: Kitchen Science Cutting-edge chefs are thinking like scientists—whether they're inventing brand-new flavors in state-of-the-art laboratories or cooking with centrifuges. Here, how their kitchen science innovations are bringing us better chocolate, calorie-free food and a tastier waffle.
Lionfish Invasion: A Guide to Hunting & Fishing Invasive fish are a serious threat to our oceans—and eating them is one way to fight back. A writer grabs scuba gear in pursuit of the beautiful, venomous and surprisingly tasty lionfish.