Urgent Dispatch from a Trusted Correspondent | Jackson Hole, Wyoming From: Vicky Lowry
Subject: Jackson Hole, Wyoming
Back in the U.S.S.R. Raised on a Soviet diet of frankfurters and canned peas, a writer returns to a Moscow where expensive French cheeses and Japanese soba noodles are everywhere. Over cocktails at a stylish café, she wonders whether to feel excited or guilty.
After Hours: Dine Like Napoleon | A Historian's Feast French courtly dinners were once served as buffets—until, some say, Napoleon stole the idea of course-by-course feasts from Russia. A party given by a historian of hospitality updates that tradition.
10 Best Cookbooks Of the Year To produce F&W's annual Best of the Best cookbook, our testers reviewed a year's worth of contenders (about 150) to find 10 keepers.
Decoration: Worker's Gild | Gilding at Home In her spectacular farmhouse kitchen in the Hamptons, a gilder shows how easy it is to add a luxurious touch—whether to a plate or a pendant.
Christmas in the Alps

The fashionable French town of Megève is one of the most peaceful places in the world to spend Christmas. Here, the family behind four of its most stylish resorts gathers for a cozy holiday dinner of beef with morel cream sauce and baked apples in buttery pastry.

Holiday Special: Entertaining Cocktail Hour | Dinner Buffet | Cookie Party
Passions: Cooking the Books | Literary Meals From Captain Nemo to Don Quixote, characters in great literature often love to eat. A voracious reader explains why he's driven to re-create their meals.
Awards: Spirits of the Year 2003 How to choose fom the hundreds of new spirits released every year? No need: we've done the work for you. Here, our top 10 picks, chosen in a blind tasting.