Everday Food of Israel: On the Hummus Hunt A Philadelphia chef explores the everyday, everyman’s food of Israel—kebabs, eggplant salads, hummus—searching for the best versions to bring back to America.
Wines Without Borders: A Global Pairing Guide French food tends to pair naturally with French wine, Italian food with Italian wine, and so forth. But what to drink with Russian food? Or Thai? Finding matches for cuisines without a tradition of winemaking can be a challenge. Here, writer Anya von Bremzen offers eight inspired recipes from around the world and F&W’s Ray Isle creates the perfect pairings.
Cruising the Mediterranean with Jacques Pépin On a sailing of the luxurious M/S Regatta, the star chef croons in a karaoke contest, plucks wild bay laurel from a roadside bush, eats flaky Greek pastry and teaches spectacular recipes inspired by his Italian shore excursions.
Istanbul’s Newest Tastemaker Whether she’s teaching her butcher-shop customers how to cook steak or divulging Istanbul’s best places to eat, Defne Koryürek is the ultimate food insider. Here she shares the ingredient-centric recipes she loves.
What Foodie Travelers Bag Abroad Food-obsessed travelers come home with everything from Indian spices to Greek porcelain. Here, eight tastemakers reveal their favorite finds from trips around the world. F&W picks the perfect bags in which to pack them.
Israeli Restaurant Picks

Chef Michael Solomonov names the Israeli restaurants that inspired the food at his new Philadelphia restaurant, Zahav.

Vegetables: What Spain’s Most Creative Chefs Are Obsessed with Now A post-Ferran Adrià generation of chefs is forsaking luxe beef and pricey seafood and turning its attention to potatoes, carrots, beets and other humble vegetables.
The New Airstream Cuisine

Some of the most satisfying food in America can now be found curbside, served out of sleek airstream trailers or trucks retrofitted with kitchens. The nine recipes here reinvent “truck food”—from crêpes stuffed with smoked salmon to chocolate–peanut butter mousse.

Picnic Salads These alternatives to the usual pasta and potato salads, by F&W’s Grace Parisi, are delightful, surprising and guaranteed to travel well.
Kansas City, MO F&W’s roundup of the best restaurants in Kansas City, from a tiny and ultra-casual joint that champions local produce to a terrific dumpling bar. For more great restaurants, check out our guide to the best places to eat in the country.
Flavors of India In his cookbook, American Masala, chef Suvir Saran applies Indian flavors and techniques to all types of food, including American classics like fried chicken. "There's a bigger connection between American and Indian food than most people realize," he says. "America wouldn't have been founded in the way that it was if explorers hadn't been looking for a faster way to get black pepper from India."
A Lesson in Mexican Flavors

With a few simple touches—like adding pickled jalapeños to a delectable tomato sauce for fish—Dionicio Jimenez, of Philadelphia’s Xochitl restaurant creates a highly personal style of Mexican cuisine. F&W streamlines his best recipes.

Mix and match your favorite starters and mains to create your own amazing Mexican meal.

Five Great Wine Country Destination Restaurants Wine without food makes little sense. Similarly, visiting wine country without eating at a few great restaurants while there makes little sense, too. But the best places aren't always the ones written up in tourist guides. Here are five of Ray Isle's favorites.