Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Hailey Clauson Is a Hot Sauce Freak, and Other Fun Facts

© Getty Images for Sports Illustrated
How does Hailey Clauson celebrate Sports Illustrated’s just-released Swimsuit Issue? With pizza and burgers, of course.

No Place Like Home

I recently moved to Brooklyn and am excited that now I have space to entertain. My style is very casual—I make pizza or pasta, and usually we’re all sitting on the couch watching a movie or 
just catching up. Don’t get me wrong: I love to 
go out and dance, but there’s nothing like 
being at home with friends, eating good food. 

Wine 101

I’ve been trying a lot of different bottles in order to learn more about wine and to figure out my tastes. Right now, I tend toward Cabernet, but I’m still searching for my absolute favorite. In the meantime, it’s a fun experiment. 

Fantasy Food Day

If I’m not getting ready for a shoot, then I would eat eggs Benedict for breakfast, pizza for lunch and sushi for dinner. I love sushi. When I was growing up, that’s what we had when we went out as 
a family. I’m lucky that my parents exposed my brother and me to great food from a young age.

California Dreaming

I grew up in Thousand Oaks, and 
I like to go to Huntington Beach since it has a lot of fantastic Asian food. I’m a big fan of a shabu place called Shabu on Fire and an amazing 
little Thai-inflected hole-in-the-wall called Pocket Burger Shack. 

Hot Stuff

I’m a hot sauce freak. I swear, you’ll find 
10 different bottles in my fridge. I’m obsessed with anything spicy. I travel a lot for work, so 
I started collecting hot sauce from the places I’ve shot—Thailand and Mexico’s are in heavy rotation. 

Burger Splurge

I usually know about a shoot at least a month in advance, so I try to be strict with my diet beforehand. After I wrap, all I want is a burger.
 In NYC that means Shake Shack–it’s 
simple and so good. Eating healthy is my job, but 
what girl doesn’t love a cheeseburger? 
You can’t deprive yourself of what you love.

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