Convenience is crucial to a busy lifestyle, which is the why the original Keurig—the one that makes coffee— was such a genius innovation. Pop the pod in the machine, let the water to boil while you get dressed, and there’s a steaming hot cup of coffee waiting for you when you get back to the kitchen. The three-step process adds simplicity to your morning routine and it doesn’t make a mess. It’s no wonder other companies were eager to replicate the idea for their food-related products. From cookies to cocktails, and even a marijuana vaporizer, there’s a Keurig-like product out there for just about everything, and lazy people everywhere seem to be embracing the trend: Some of these devices have raised as much $100,000 on Kickstarter. Here are nine more gadgets that put things in a pod in an attempt to make eating, drinking, cooking, and even smoking, as simple as possible. — Elisabeth Sherman

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