Hot New Restaurant Styles

Courtesy of RH
See ya, subway tiles and back-challenging stools. Glen Coben, the designer behind Kreuther Handcrafted Chocolate and Carbone in New York City, tells us the restaurant styles that’ll be hot (and not) this year.

Instead of French bistro tumblers...beaker-like Borosil glassware. $29 for 6;

Instead of pendant lights...angular, industrial-looking Varick Chandelier. $1,095;

Instead of backless stools...sleek Bacco Barstool with lumbar 
support. From $645;

Instead of subway tiles...showstopping metallic wallpaperFrom $60/yard;

Instead of gold cutlery...chunky, mod cutlery 
$110 for 5 pieces;

Instead of rustic stoneware...simple, line-rimmed enamelware$80 for 4 dinner plates;

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