Give Summer Tees New Life with Artisan Dyes

© Whole Foods Market
Out with plain whites; in with pale-pink, Himalayan-sea-salt-infused tanks.

The best colors for August aren’t available at H&M or West Elm: They’re pale pinks, made from Himalayan sea salt and roses; taupe-y ecru, made from black tea; and a deep charcoal-infused grey, all made by super-stylish artisan dye-maker Audrey Louise Reynolds in her Red Hook, Brooklyn studio. Now, at the brand-new Whole Foods Williamsburg, open today, you can buy packets of the dye to try yourself.

Reynolds, who is self-taught, starting mixing pigments and dyes in 2002, and has created material for a long list of trendy companies that include Repetto, Theory, Eyeswoon and J. Crew. She uses everything from roses to turmeric, rather than chemicals, to dye natural cloth. The result? Soft, washed-out peaches; bright yellows and vibrant, ocean-wave blues.

The first 250 customers at Whole Foods Williamsburg this morning received a hand-dyed, hand-stamped, seawater-washed tote bag that's perfect for carrying beach essentials, farmers market hauls, or whatever summer brings. They're gone by now, but if you're in Brooklyn you should drop by to grab a few packets of Reynold's dye. Check out her dreamy Instagram for endless inspiration and make your own ideal summer tote or throw pillows.

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