7 Ways to Upgrade Dessert with Girl Scout Cookies

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Yes, your cupcakes will benefit from cookies.

Girl Scout Cookie season is precious and short, so it’s no wonder we all frantically stock up on a dozen or more boxes of our favorites. We could just freeze our giant stash, but why not have a little fun by incorporating them into some sweet treats? Here are seven ideas for blending, crumbling, and mixing Girl Scout Cookies into delicious, upgraded desserts:

© Abby Hocking

1. Fold them into ice cream.

Stir crushed cookies into homemade or store-bought softened ice cream. Why? Because Coffee Ice Cream is so much better with Samoas and Tagalongs make classic Vanilla Bean Ice Cream irresistible. You could even make your own sundaes by swapping crushed Do-Si-Dos for peanut brittle in these Vietnamese Coffee Sundaes.

2. Pair them with cupcakes.

Use the new S’mores flavor instead of the chocolate-coated graham crackers in these S’mores Cupcakes. Or, make your own twist on Cookies and Cream Cupcakes by topping them with your all-time favorite Girl Scout Cookie instead of Oreos. Thin Mints, perhaps?

3. Transform trail mix into treat mix.

Christina Tosi’s Snack Mix is perfect for improvising. Got a few boxes of Samoas? Make your party mix a coconut-caramel mash-up by using chopped cookies instead of Reese’s. Or, embrace the chocolate-peanut butter flavor of the original and double down with Tagalongs or Do-Si-Dos.


4. Make some cookie-coated chocolate sweets.

Melted chocolate is the perfect vehicle for crumbly cookies. These Ice Cream Bonbon Pops are just waiting to be coated in crushed Thin Mints. And, this Chocolate Bark would be fantastic with a fun mix of cookies. After all, S’mores and Tagalongs are made for each other.

© Abby Hocking

5. Indulge in a Cookie Salad.

Do-Si-Dos make a delicious swap for Black & White cookies in this Midwestern treat. Actually, so do Thin Mints, Tagalongs and the whole line-up of Girl Scout Cookies.

Christina Holmes

6. Update cheesecake crust.

The crust of this Farmer’s Cheesecake with Strawberries is easily adaptable and just waiting for some Trefoils to take the place of graham crackers.

7. Make a cookie milkshake.

Need a more efficient way to get your cookies and milk fix? Samoas are the perfect stand in for Snickers in this decadent Ice Cream Milk.

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