5 Foolproof Thanksgiving Tips

© Con Poulos
The star of the Thanksgiving feast can also be a source of anxiety. Whether you spatchcock, brine, stuff or glaze, we've assembled our foolproof favorites, tried and tested in the F&W kitchen. 

1. Give it a Moroccan twist. 

Chef Marcus Samuelsson stuffs his turkey with lemon and sage, then brushes it with citrus, garlic and ras el hanout, a North African spice blend. 

2. Grab a beer. 

Adding Guinness or another dark beer to your brine lends toasty flavor and helps give the turkey a burnished glow. 

3. Butter up.

© Con Poulos

Inspired by porchetta, the crackly skinned Italian pork roast, this bird gets a layer of fennel-scented butter under its skin. 

4. Make the most of leftovers.

© Con Poulos

Make concentrated stock with turkey scraps and freeze. These supercharged cubes add flavor to pastas, grains and sauces. 

5. Be smart about scraps. 

© Con Poulos

F&W's ingenius Thanksgiving "scrapbook" turns your compost pile into incredible dishes like pasta with radish greens pesto or roast pork with a paste made from beet peels. 

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