8 Affordable Luxury Mother's Day Gift Ideas for Moms Who Love Food (and Wine!)

CatLane / Getty Images
Spoil you mom this Mother's Day with little luxuries that won't break the bank. 

Looking for a way to pamper your mom this mother's day—without breaking the bank? Here's our suggestion: Whip up a home-cooked meal—something from our collection of favorite mother's day recipes, perhaps?—and spoil her rotten with one of these simple luxurious gifts, none of which are priced over $125. Remember, with mom, it's the sentimentality and thought that counts the most.

There's something so chic about this slimline tin of Japanese-made Billet Aux Amands from Yoku Moku ($20), which chocolatier Noriichi Fujinawa was inspired to create after visiting Jokkmokk, a tiny village in Sweden where he first tasted butter cookies.

Conjure for your mom all the romance of old Casablanca with this eponymous tea by French tea purveyors Mariage Freres. The Casablanca green tea ($28) is a blend of mint and bergamot that's refreshing and poignant on the palate.

Make her mornings (or any time of day) special with this footed soup bowl from Portuguese homeware brand Juliska ($32) that looks like it's fit for European royalty.

Does your mom have a serious sweet tooth—and does she romanticize New York all out of proportion? Well, then she'll love these New York caramels from Marie Belle ($38), 16 pieces, each a different flavor, all made right here in the city.

Give her this set of elaborately embroidered and beaded cocktail napkins from Kim Seybert ($54) and she'll think of you fondly every time she hosts a tea party or settles in for a nightcap.

We all know about the health and beauty benefits of extra virgin olive oil—and now you can up the ante with this eminently giftable golden liquid with actual gold. This Fernando Pensato olive oil ($60) is a great mother's day or hostess gift alternative to wine, is made from Peranzana olives and contains real 18-kt. gold flakes.

For a consummate hostess, a statement centerpiece is always a must. This Dinosaur Designs marbled resin platter ($110) is a simple summer piece with gravitas—that rich olive hue.

Just in case you have any champagne or wine left over from your mother's day celebrations, consider this Aerin coral bottle stopper ($125) which we sort of wish came with its own stand because it's that beautiful.

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