Halloween is the candy holiday of the year and everybody knows it. Who doesn't look forward to filling their plastic Jack-o-lanterns with dozens and dozens of miniature chocolate bars and jelly beans? We certainly do. But we are here to remind you to look far beyond candied horizons for sweet treats during this festive October holiday season. There is no good reason to limit your consumption to candy alone this Halloween. Take sugar cookies, for example—they are a great candy alternative for anyone with a sweet tooth. Not only are they sugary and delicious, they are also super-simple to make—and the cookies can be cut into creative shapes and decorated however your heart desires. From pumpkin and bat-shaped cookie cutters to orange and black icing to bright colored sprinkles, the Halloween possibilities are truly endless. We have gathered all the inspiration you might need for the perfect batch of Halloween sugar cookies. All you need to do is determine your vision and get baking. Candy never stood a fighting chance.

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