As it happens, Halloween falls at the very end of October, right when the weather starts to feel rather chilly. Consequently, it is this very same time of year during which we begin to crave soup. What’s the perfect thing to cook in this season of grinning Jack-o-lanterns and soup cravings? Pumpkin soup, of course. Pumpkin soup is definitively the optimal savory Halloween dish. It is easy to make, full of festive fall flavors and warming before an evening of trick-or-treating. We’ve rounded up 20 easy pumpkin soup recipes that you can whip up this Halloween. With recipes like silky, creamy tea-scented pumpkin soup and rich pumpkin soup with Creole lobster, you’ll never run out of options. Our best recipes also include healthy pumpkin soup options like vegan pumpkin soup with toasted coconut, and unique versions like pumpkin miso soup and pumpkin soup with fideos. It is now up to you to choose the best pumpkin soup for your Halloween. Let’s get to it!

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