Mission Chinese Food Chef Angela Dimayuga's Holiday Wish List

© Noam Galai/Getty Images
What the New York-based executive chef likes to give and get.

“I like to pack light, but I bring a few luxury items, like my Bose Bluetooth speaker to play music,” Dimayuga says. She likes everything to t into a carry-on—and she’d like a smart suit- case from Raden that charges devices via USB (hint, hint). When it comes to gifts, “it’s fun to buy a knife at Korin, in New York,” the chef says. “They wrap them in beautiful Japanese paper, and you can have them engraved. The Toyo toolbox holds my knives— all my cooks have one. And Kettl tea bags are great for gifting. They will turn a casual drinker into a tea nerd.”

Levi’s Vintage Clothing Jeans, $198

Courtesy of Levi's

Bose SoundLink Color II Speaker, $130

Courtesy of Bose

Raden Carry-On, $345

Courtesy of Raden

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Korin Knives, from $27

Philip Friedman

Toyo Toolbox, $30

Philip Friedman

Kettl Yame No. 5 Tea, $27

Philip Friedman

This piece originally appeared on Travel + Leisure

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