9 Off-Beat Stocking Stuffers from the Mr. Donahue’s Team in NYC

Courtesy of Ann Redding
No lame candy canes from sisters Ann and May Redding, a chef and designer respectively.

“Santa” sure had eclectic taste in the Redding home.

“The standbys were marshmallow-stuffed, chocolate-covered Santas, fancy toothbrushes and smoked oysters,” says May Redding, designer behind the charming Mr. Donahue’s in New York City and sister to Ann Redding, a chef who also runs the perpetually packed Uncle Boon’s around the block.

“It wouldn’t be a proper stocking without the smoked oysters,” Ann says. “We both love smoked oysters to this day, right out of the can with a squeeze of lemon. It’s the perfect post-present opening snack.”

We asked the two to curate a stocking stuffer gift guide for the holidays. Here are their picks:

1. Cool Movie Posters ($5) “I picked a lot of the vintage posters from this site when designing Mr. D’s,” May says. “There are a lot of unique ones, plus it would look great sticking out of a stocking.”

2. Old-Time Candy ($10) “It’s the same candy we give away at Mr. D’s,” Ann says. “They divide the candy up by era on the site, so there’s a bit of nostalgia for every age group.”

3. Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds ($3) “Seeds are lovely gifts that keep on giving. And they encourage people to grow their own food,” May says.

4. Bumble Bee Linens Handkerchief ($19) “Grandpa Frank Donahue always used to carry a handkerchief,” Ann says. “It’s a bit nicer than a pack of Kleenex.”

5. Solid Beeswax Perfume ($10) “Smells like the holidays,” May says. “Plus, solid perfume is more easily portable and spill-proof."

6. Best Made Co. Pocketknife ($72) “Beautifully made and handy, too!” May says.

7. Marbles ($12) “A throwback to a time when things were much more simple,” May says.

8. Marisa Mason Brass Bracelet ($109) “Classic,” May says.

9. Rose Pin ($4) “In honor of Grandma Rose, Grandpa Frank Donahue’s wife,” Ann says. “Plus, it’s really cute.”

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