Healthy Detox Dishes for the Fifth of July

Summer Vegetable "Ceviche"
By F&W Editors Posted July 04, 2016

How to recover from the weekend.

After this past weekend's burgers, hot dogs and pitchers of cocktails, you might be ready for something healthy. Here, five light and delicious dishes to help you recover from the Fourth of July.

1. Quinoa and Brown Rice Bowl with Vegetables and Tahini

Food & Wine:

F&W’s Gail Simmons makes this vegan rice bowl when she needs something especially healthy to eat.

2. Vegetable Summer Rolls with Chile-Lime Dipping Sauce

Food & Wine:

These fast, healthy rolls are filled with bell peppers and avocado.

3. Fresh Apple-Celery Juice with Ginger and Parsley

Food & Wine:

Sweet and tangy, this is the perfect recovery juice.

4. Lemony Waldorf Salad

Food & Wine:

In place of the traditional mayonnaise-based dressing, chef Mark Peel makes a healthy lemon-walnut oil vinaigrette flavored with cumin.

5. Summer Vegetable "Ceviche"

Food & Wine:

Toss this bright, zesty dressing with fresh corn, shelling beans, tomatoes and nectarines.

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