Homemade Gifts

F&W’s recipes for fabulous homemade Christmas gifts from super easy candy to jams and jarred sauces.

Chocolate-Dipped Vanilla Caramels (photo at right)

Homemade Food Gift How-tos

  • Gifts to Make or Buy

    F&W editors tested hundreds of products to find the tastiest gifts from American food artisans. For DIY cooks, the ideas are easy to duplicate at home.

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    Gifts to Make or Buy
  • Do-It-Yourself Chocolate Truffles

    At a candy-making party, Melissa Rubel sets out a huge bowl of ganache and dishes of coatings, like almonds and cocoa powder, so guests can create their own truffles.

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    Do-It-Yourself Chocolate Truffles
  • Barrel-Aged Cocktails

    Aging cocktails in wood barrels can soften harsh edges and add layers of flavor. Plus, the results make a remarkable holiday gift. Here’s why to get started right now.

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    Barrel-Aged Cocktails
  • How to Make Macarons

    Jason Wu succeeded in designing a gown for the First Lady. His next goal: learn to make macarons. His teacher? Pastry genius François Payard.

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    How to Make Macarons
  • How to Bake Great Bread

    One of America’s best bakers tells how anyone can make stunning loaves.

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    How to Bake Bread
  • How to Make Bitters

    Infused with herbs and roots, bitters add depth and balance to cocktails. Here, the three most important styles.

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    How to Make Bitters
  • Beef Jerky

    Real beef jerky isn’t a smoky stick of preserved mystery meat. Rachel Graville’s handmade versions are an exemplar of the artisanal-jerky trend.

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    Handmade Beef Jerky
Best Handmade Christmas Gifts
Staff Favorites

Best Handmade Gifts

America’s finest food artisans have begun teaching their crafts to ardent amateurs. Here, their best recipes for handmade gifts, plus other great presents to complete the package.

Gifts from the Cucina
From the Archives

Expert Artisanal Gifts

Sachets of cinnamon and cloves, salt flecked with lavender: Bella Cucina’s Alisa Barry shares her trade secrets at a party where everyone prepares gifts to bag, box, bottle and wrap.

Holiday Gift Tags

Holiday Gift Tags

Download an assortment of printable gift tags and labels to accompany F&W’s fantastic food gifts.