Wholesome Wave, a nonprofit founded in 2007 by award-winning chef Michel Nischan, helps bring healthy, affordable food to every table. Through programs in 28 states and the District of Columbia, Wholesome Wave empowers people in underserved communities to make healthier food choices by increasing their access to affordable, locally grown food.

Since its inception, Wholesome Wave has dedicated enormous efforts toward their Double Value Coupon Program, which doubles the value of food stamps when they’re spent on locally grown fruits and vegetables at participating farmers’ markets. With the help of more than 60 nonprofit partner organizations, the program currently is run at more than 300 farmers’ markets in 24 states—impacting over 40,000 consumers and 3,200 farmers in 2012.
Wholesome Wave's Fruit and Vegetable Prescription Program connects community health centers and hospitals with farmers’ markets to increase access to affordable fruits and vegetables for the people who need them most: those with diet-related diseases living in underserved communities. Each dollar invested in the program benefits the community by nourishing the consumer, boosting farmer revenue and supporting overall community health.

Thanks to assistance from mission-driven food distribution and processing enterprises—such as healthy food hubs—regional farmers can reliably, safely and efficiently source local food to institutional buyers, such as hospitals and schools. Wholesome Wave's Healthy Food Commerce Investments team supports the development and expansion of food hubs by directing capital and business development assistance, which results in increased community access to fresh, regionally grown produce.