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My role is to help. No different from my role if I were a dentist. We can't sit around and wait for the world to get better. We have to use our clout for good.

I firmly believe in making sure good food doesn't become a luxury. It belongs on everyone's tables. The mandate of Wholesome Wave is to get great food on the tables of the less fortunate, a mandate I wholeheartedly support.

What are your favorite vegetables to cook with?
Leeks, morels, peas, asparagus, ramps. Clearly I'm excited for spring!

Are there vegetables you despised as a kid, but now love?
No. I despised mac-n-cheese and burgers. I was a weird child.

What's your biggest chef confession?
I put Kraft singles on my burgers. (I have learned to love a good burger.)

What chef inspires you?
Rob MacDonald, a chef I worked with in my early 20s. He was a whirlwind in the kitchen and taught me how to be.

Why did you choose to become a chef?
Because I was good at cooking and I was horrible at school.

What is your favorite food memory?
Eating scallops at a little bistro in Hull PQ, before I proposed to my wife in 1996.

What's your favorite quick and simple meal to make?
Scrambled eggs with potato chips and leeks.

What's your favorite:
Breakfast? Bagel with cream cheese and smoked trout
Lunch? A tomato sandwich in August
Dinner? Braised beef shortribs in January with roasted parsnips and gremolata
Snack? Raw carrots

What's your "last supper" meal?
How am I about to die? I guess caviar, lots of Osetra, with cornichons, crème fraîche, crisp toasted rye, dill and eggs mimosa. And a lot of really great Champagne.