There always seems to be a grain of the moment. One day quinoa was hardly used outside of South America and the next it was on every menu and in every grocery store across the country. Now that quinoa has introduced America to options beyond just wheat and corn, it’s time to explore what the world of grains has to offer. Choices like teff, millet or kamut are rapidly becoming much more well known in the culinary world. F&W’s guide offers delicious recipes to help you cook with these often overlooked ingredients, plus expert tips to help you avoid common mistakes.

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Food & Wine: How to Make Spelt Garlic Knots
How to Make Spelt Garlic Knots
We’re calling it: 2017 is the year of the garlic knot. And the 
best part about these revamped classics taking Brooklyn by storm? They’re not only good, they’re good for you. At newly opened Gristmill 
in Park Slope, dough wunderkind Jake Novick-Finder has 
a devoted following for his reinvention of the beloved 
pizza shop snack. Made with fresh, locally milled flour (which is more nutrient-dense) and whole-grain spelt flour, 
his garlic knots are chewier 
and more flavorful than your standard knots. He finishes them with a liberal sprinkling of everything-bagel spice and cacio e pepe toppings. “But they still hit that same nostalgic note,” he says. —Julia Heffelfinger

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