Using Science to Break Down The World’s Love of Bacon

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Modern American society has pretty much come to the agreement that bacon is awesome. And if you want to get someone’s attention, bacon always seems like a good way to do it, whether you’re offering it up in a state lottery, making a replica of the Stanley Cup out of it or even using it to replace the tortilla in a breakfast burrito.

So, the good folk at ASAPScience, always looking for video ideas that will get people excited, must have figured that digging into the science of bacon was a homerun. They take a broad overview of the tasty pig product, investigating things like the numbers behind bacon’s popularity, the food’s nutritional attributes and some of the chemistry behind cooking bacon, as well as passing along plenty of other tidbits (they ate bacon on the moon!)

Of course, watching a video about bacon is nowhere near enjoyable as eating it.

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