You Can Now Get High at Denver Bars and Restaurants

© Ashley Rosenberg/Getty Images

Smoking within the comforts of your own home is no longer the only way for Denver marijuana enthusiasts to enjoy their goods.

A law (Proposition 300) that will allow patrons to light up in designated bars and restaurants passed with 53.4 percent of the vote, but here's everything you need to know before putting the high in Mile High City:


- You'll have to bring your own pot. There's a whole other set of legalities for dispensaries.

- Due to the Colorado Clean Indoor Air Act, pot can't be smoked unless it's in a designated smoking area outdoors. You'll have to enjoy an edible.

- Local businesses will be required to apply for pot licenses. It will mirror the process of obtaining an alcohol permit.

- Those who objected to the legislation were concerned over liability insurance and the dangers of mixing pot and heavy alcohol use. Please inhale safely.

This is yet another win for weed and its most loyal consumers. We may stand united in red, white and blue, but the country is seeing green. Lots and lots of green.

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