Netflix’s CEO Says Entertainment Pills Could Make Movies and TV Obsolete

©Bloomberg/Ulrich Baumgarten/Getty Images

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You’ve no doubt heard of “Netflix and chill,” but Netflix imagines a future that’s a little more like “Netflix and…pill”?

According to Tech Radar, Netflix’s CEO Reed Hastings (while speaking at the WSJD Live, the Wall Street Journal’sannual digitally minded conference) said that he anticipates that movies and television shows will eventually become obsolete and even went so far as to suggest that drug science would be the future of entertainment.

“Movies & TV shows will be like the opera and the novel,” he said, according to the Journal. “There will be substitutes.”

One of the substitutes he could envision? As the WSJD Twitter account revealed, Hastings speculates that the future could be a pill that entertains you.

For now, however, Hastings isn’t looking to start any recreational drugs for entertainment purposes, focusing instead on improving the streaming services Netflix already offers.

“Fundamentally we’re about eliminating loneliness and boredom,” he said.

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