You Can Get A Big Discount On Amazon Prime, But You Better Act Now

© Bloomberg/Getty Images

If you’ve been putting off investing in unlimited two-day shipping, it might be time to finally pull the trigger. Amazon, as part of a promotion for its new show The Grand Tour (from the Top Gear team) dropped the price of a Prime membership from $99 to $79. Those of you who have been invested in Amazon Prime for a while likely noticed that the “discount” is really just a reduction back to Prime’s original price, which the company bumped up to $99 in 2014. But discounts are discounts and who are we to question them.

As a quick reminder, in addition to free 2-day shipping, Prime membership includes access to stream music, movies and TV shows as well photo storage and unlimited books and magazines. It’s also a prerequisite to get Amazon Fresh food delivery and for admission to Amazon’s upcoming convenience stores (although those come with an extra fee).


Along with the discount Amazon is also launching a Grand Tour feature on its Echo devices, which will provide clues to viewers and lead them to extra video content. But let’s be real here—we’re in this for the deals.

If you want to snap up a discounted Prime membership before you do your holiday shopping, you better act quickly though. Amazon is only offering it until 11:59pm pst.

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