What’s In Your Bag, Gail Simmons?

© Melanie Dunea/CPi

This piece originally appeared on Cooking Light.

In addition to her duties on the Emmy-winning Bravo show, Gail Simmons is special projects director at our sister magazine Food & Wine, an author, and a mom. When she's not concocting delicious dishes, she's known to whip up a beauty product or two: "We shot in Palm Springs recently, and it was so dry," she says. "I made my own lip scrub with coarse brown sugar, honey, and a little citrus zest." Catch what else Simmons is cooking up when Top Chef returns in December.

Gail's Favorite Beauty Products:

FLOWER EYES ON THE PRIZE EYE SHADOW CHUBBY ($8) "Having time to carefully apply shadow is a luxury I've had to give up, but this one is smooth, fast, and affordable."

CLINIQUE MOISTURIZING LIP COLOUR BALM ($17) "These give a pop of color and have a matte texture."

TARTE AMAZONIAN CLAY 12-HOUR BLUSH ($28) "I love a rosy cheek, and this one is healthy and a natural mineral makeup."

AQUAPHOR LIP REPAIR ($4.50) "I go through tubs of Aquaphor with my daughter, and I always have a tube in my bag."

AVA ANDERSON AVASKIN NIGHT SERUM ($30) "I love the grapefruit smell, and it feels good on my skin."

CLÉ DE PEAU CONCEALER ($70) "I can never leave the house without concealer. This is the best I've ever used."

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