Pizza Lip Balm May Be the Best (or Worst) Way to Combat Chapping

© Pinterest/soapopotamus

If you're going to spend a good majority of the winter rubbing chapstick on your lips, why not make it something you want to taste all the time, like pizza? Etsy seller Regina Panzeca, aka "soapopotamus," shares that sentiment with her line of food-scented balms that are guaranteed to make your lips "beyond kissable."


We'll give her "beyond kissable" with the product's range of hydrating oils, but who on this planet wants a garlic-tinged exchange of saliva? It's like your biggest first date fear fully realized in a tube. And yet, here we are, still completely interested in slicing swiping our mouths with a waxed version of our favorite food. #singleforever

If pizza doesn't float your boat, Panzeca also offers less-assaulting varieties like mint chocolate chip, coconut cream cake and cherry limemade.

No matter what you prefer, these lip balms are making us really hungry. And hungry is probably the last thing you should be before a spontaneous makeout sesh.

(h/t Thrillist)

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