This Mysterious Woman Is Smooshing Her Face on Bread Because…?

Truly appreciating food is about fully immersing yourself in it. The touch, texture, taste, smell, consistency all make or break a dish. People shove their fingers into sauces, almost put their entire head into a glass of wine to discover its terroir; but what we have never seen before is discovering bread by smashing your face into it. Meet @Breadfaceblog, whose Instagram account displays videos of an unnamed girl displaying a piece of bread than proceeding to smoosh her face into it.

We assume she is from New York with breads like Tiam’s za’atar roll (leaving a fresh coating of za’atar on her face), a standard New York deli roll and an everything bagel from Bergen Bagels.

A video posted by Bread Face (@breadfaceblog) on

There are promises of a review of the breads on a Tumblr account, although it hasn’t been updated in weeks. Which makes us wonder: What would those be based on anyway. Bounciness? Softness? Imprint-ability?

Regardless of the effect we can’t turn away from these seriously strange and intriguing videos. The one we want to try most? Three King’s Hawaiian Sweet Rolls. Pillowy, bouncy, cushiony rolls of awesomeness. We could sleep on those things.

A video posted by Bread Face (@breadfaceblog) on

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