A Moisturizer That Can Curb Mood Swings? Here's How It Works

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This piece originally appeared on InStyle.com.

Looks like Midol might have a little competition—in the form of a body balm. Sweet Brown Sludge Mood Stabilizing Salve ($12, sweetbrownsludge.com) is a skincare product that bills itself as a reliever of mood swings, cramps, and muscle tension (symptoms that are all too common during that time of the month).


Though it can't be popped into your mouth at the first sign that your raging alter ego is about to rear her ugly head, the new, all-natural product takes a homeopathic approach for results that are effective and fast, according to Melissa Jean-Louis, the artisan and owner of Sweet Brown Sludge, who started the brand right out of her home kitchen. "Once the salve penetrates your skin, so will herbal extracts like hyssop, St. John's Wort, evening primrose, and valerian," she says. "These herbal extracts become active in the blood stream promoting relaxation and anxiety relief." Apply the balm to your skin as you would a traditional body lotion, and the blend of shea butter and coconut, olive, and red palm oils will instantly hydrate skin—and that alone is enough to put us in a good mood.

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