Every Country James Bond Has Ever Spied In

© Movie Poster Image Art / Getty Images

James Bond must have a ton of frequent flier miles. With 23 movies under his belt-that's-really-a-grappling-hook, MI6's well-travelled secret agent has visited dozens of locales, real and fictional. To put it all into perspective, Vox.com has released a video mapping every country that appears in the Bond franchise films. With some countries being made up and others being vague (Latin America? In general?) it's a rough, but very impressive travelog.

As Spectre opens this weekend, the silver screen's most beloved spy will surely take us to a number of thrilling and exotic destinations as usual. Actor Daniel Craig says this may (or may not) be his last stint as 007, so congratulations to whichever new face may be inheriting all of those coveted first-class upgrades.

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