This Bracelet Gives You a Caffeine Kick

For most of us, a cup of coffee is a perfectly acceptable way to get a caffeine fix, but if you’re itching for a more novel way to keep yourself alert, a new product called Joule is hoping it can get people to wear their caffeine.

Joule describes itself as “the very first caffeinated bracelet” – an accessory with a spot built-in for a caffeine patch that allows your body to get a buzz by absorbing caffeine through the skin. The product claims the result “provides convenient, consistent, all-day energy with no crashes, no long lines at the coffee shop, no stained teeth and no calories!”

The Toronto-based company launched these Joule caffeinated bracelets via an Indiegogo campaign, pulling in hundreds of backers and raising around $13,000 so far – meaning quite a few people are interested in paying at least $29 for the “Joule starter kit” which comes with a bracelet and 30 replacement caffeine patches.

Still, is drinking your caffeine really that inconvenient? Maybe I’m just a coffee guy, but absorbing caffeine through the skin feels like you’re getting a step too close to injecting it with a needle behind a convenience store like some sort of dirty caffeine junky.

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