The Amazing Danish Bike Bridge You Saw Is Not a Bike Bridge

© RTimages / Alamy Stock Photo

The Internet was abuzz today with word of a beautiful (and crazy) bike lane coming to Copenhagen next year. But here’s the thing: It’s not a bike lane. The gorgeous Copenhagen Gate from Steven Holl Architects will bridge two towers on either side of the harbor 65 meters (about 213 feet) above the water. The two halves of the bridge “meet at an angle, joining like a handshake,” which could make for a somewhat unnerving bike ride. But Holl’s offices confirmed that the plan is for a pedestrian bridge only. No bicycles riding up and down elevators, no dodging bike messengers 20 stories in the air.

Holl’s team doesn’t isn’t releasing additional details at this time, but the project listing on their site says construction is tentatively scheduled to begin in 2016-17. You can see an incorrectly labeled design for the bridge tweeted out below.

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