9 Très Chic French-Inspired Tees In Honor of Bastille Day

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This post originally appeared on InStyle.com.

Happy Bastille Day! In honor of France's national day, we're celebrating all things French beginning with a public sartorial declaration of our love for the country by way of expressive tees stamped with choice words, slogans, and phrases. Consider this a quick linguistics lesson by brushing up on the language. Oui? Yes! From amour ("love") to tout à fait ("absolutely"), slip on one of these très chic French-inspired finds. J'adore!

Shop the pieces: 1. Eleven Paris, $33; elevenparis.com2. Petit Bateau, $37; avenue32.com. 3. River Island, $14; riverisland.com4.French Connection, $50; frenchconnection.com5. Spharell We Are, $55; spharell.com6. Madewell, $50; madewell.com.

Shop the pieces: 1. Local Celebrity, $48; revolveclothing.com2.Forever 21, $15; forever21.com3. Sundry, $95; shopbop.com.

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